About the Clearinghouse

The Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse is an online tool designed to help tackle homelessness in Australia. This site is available to share resources, ideas and information.

This site is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. It is intended to be a dynamic information website that contains:

  • Current news and events
  • Information about good practice
  • Research and data
  • Experience and management centred on the issues of homelessness and the people and organisations working in the sector
  • Opportunities for comment, information exchange and discussion
  • A set of tools for the management and development of Communities of Practice

The Internet is not just a tool for distribution of information, it is a tool for collaboration and participation. Using web-based tools the Clearinghouse will create a community of people who communicate with each other, work through issues and collaborate on new ideas.

Homelessness is a dynamic and immediate issue that reaches deep into Australian society. Collaboration and access to information are critical tools in the response to homelessness in Australia. As a central point for information and a meeting point for discussion, the Clearinghouse is one mechanism in this response.

The intent of the site is to encourage the exchange of information, debate and participation. Designed with the homelessness sector in mind, the site will provide an easy to use method of finding and sharing information.

Over time the Clearinghouse will build a large volume of information covering all aspects of homelessness in Australia.

In addition, the opportunities for participation, such as Communities of Practice and article comments, will create a strong and vibrant community within the homelessness sector.

The site managers are keen to hear the feedback of site visitors. Please provide suggestions, comments and content. Contact us.

In improving the site to meet the needs of the sector, the Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse will be truly effective in its contribution to tackling homelessness in Australia.