Indigenous – Research

Improving housing service responses to Indigenous temporary mobility

AHURI Research & Policy Bulletin – Issue 146 – October 2011

This bulletin is based on research by Dr Daphne Habibis, Dr Chris Birdsall-Jones, Associate Professor Terry Dunbar, Dr Margaret Scrimgeour and Ms Elizabeth Taylor of the AHURI Southern Research Centre.

The research sought to identify strategies for improving housing service responses to Indigenous mobility patterns.

The bulletin says that the key factors that determine the housing outcomes of indigenous mobility are whether travel is voluntary or involuntary and how long is spent away from home.

Indigenous Homelessness 

This is Research and Policy Bulletin Issue 134: Indigenous homelessness from AHURI, December 2010.

Scoping the capacity of Indigenous Community Housing Organisations

Authored by K. Eringa, F. Spring, M. Anda, P. Memmott, S. Long, M. West for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute – December 2008. This project provides a detailed, contemporary, empirical understanding of Indigenous Community Housing Organisations (ICHOs) by addressing two interrelated sets of research questions. The first set of research questions concerned the nature of the ICHO sector; while the second set concerned the identification of factors that affect the organisational capacity of ICHOs, as well as measures aimed at enhancing the capacity of the sector.

How can Community Land Trusts provide accessible and stable tenure options for Indigenous Australians? 2013. (AHURI, Australia)

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) said Community Land Trusts have been operating in the United States of America for 30 years and have been more recently established in the United Kingdom.

Evidence suggests that they can act as a successful intermediate tenure form in Australian Indigenous communities.