Agency Management – Research

Working in the Trenches: Compassion Fatigue and Job Satisfaction among Workers Who Serve Homeless Clients

Alena M Howell, St Catherines Unversity, May 2012

The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between workers’ experiences of compassion fatigue and workers’ experiences of job satisfaction as they engage with homeless clientele with various presenting concerns.

Findings were based on surveys of employees from a targeted agency in America that serves homeless clientele.  Data was collected and analysed using various statistical and calculative methods.

These findings indicated that a correlative relationship exists between workers’ experiences of compassion fatigue and experiences of job satisfaction, although the correlation appears to be weak.  The findings point to the need for continued efforts to identify and treat compassion fatigue among workers, and the continued need to investigate the role of compassion satisfaction opportunities as they influence experiences of job satisfaction.

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