Parity “Responding to Homelessness in Tasmania: Putting the Pieces Together” Volume 24 Issue 10

This November 2011 edition of the Council to Homeless Persons’ national publication, Parity, has a focus on Tasmania’s response to homelessness. This edition follows from other state-based editions which have focussed on Queensland, NSW and South Australia.

From the editorial: “These editions provide the opportunity to bring together the perspectives of many of those involved in each state’s response to homelessness. Collectively the authors sketch the policy context and service system in the state, and then contribute to the critical examination of where they have come from, where they are currently, and to where they need to go.

The hallmark of these editions (and indeed Parity itself) is that they attempt to give all the stakeholders involved in the response to homelessness, the opportunity to participate in this discussion, as well as informing the rest of the country and beyond, about that state’s circumstances.

This Tasmanian edition is no exception and is a fine example of stakeholders working together to develop and implement original and innovative responses to homelessness at policy, program and practice levels.   The significant contributions to this edition by people who have experienced homelessness is an important dimension.”

The Parity November 2011 edition “Responding to Homelessness in Tasmania” [PDF – 1.4MB] [DOCX – 673KB]