The Reconnect program uses community-based early intervention services to assist young people aged 12 to 18 years (12 to 21 years for newly arrived youth) who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and their families. Reconnect assists young people stabilise their living situation and improve their level of engagement with family, work, education, training and their local community.

Reconnect breaks the cycle of homelessness, which can begin at an early age, by providing counselling, mediation and practical support to the whole family. Reconnect providers also ‘buy in’ services to target individual needs of clients, such as specialised mental health services.

Reconnect service providers follow the seven good practice principles:

  • accessibility of services
  • client driven service delivery
  • holistic approaches to service delivery
  • working collaboratively
  • culturally and contextually appropriate service delivery
  • ongoing review and evaluation, and
  • building sustainability.

Reconnect Operational Guidelines

The Australian Government has developed Operational Guidelines for Reconnect services.

Reconnect Program – Action Research

Action research is a key component of the Reconnect program. For Reconnect’s early intervention methods to be effective, all services need to respond to their clients’ needs using a reflective and improvement-oriented approach to service delivery.

Reconnect Action Research Kit

Action Research Induction Kit

On PAR – Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Early Intervention

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