National Quality Framework for services to people experiencing homelessness

The Australian Government and the States and Territories worked together to progress the development of a National Quality Framework to achieve better outcomes for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by improving the quality and integration of services they receive.

All governments acknowledged that the best way to develop a Homelessness National Quality Framework is in partnership with stakeholders through a two-stage national consultation process.

The first stage of consultations canvassed the views of people experiencing homelessness and the organisations that deliver services to them. Stage one consultations focused on what quality service provision is, the mechanisms to support that quality and how to involve mainstream and allied services in a Homelessness National Quality Framework. These consultations were undertaken in February, March and April of 2010 and guided the development of an Options Paper for a Homelessness National Quality Framework. Feedback from stage one consultations were compiled in three consultation reports.

The second stage of consultations was based on the Homelessness National Quality Framework Options Paper and were undertaken in February, March, April and May 2011. These consultations comprised of 16 public workshops in each state and territory, interviews with people experiencing homelessness and with service providers who were unable to attend workshops, written submissions and an online survey.

The former Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs released the Stage 2 Report produced by Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute. It is based on consultations with people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness and with service providers on quality service provisions.

Following this, a requirement for all states and territories to work towards implementing quality systems for specialist homelessness services that were equivalent to model 3 of the Homelessness National Quality Framework, if not already operating a system equivalent to model 3 or higher, was included in the 2013-14 National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.