Are Boarding Houses Disappearing? 2012 (Aust)

Chris Chamberlain
Centre for Applied Social Research
RMIT University

In 2011, the ABS conducted a review of the methodology used to count people who live in housing that is below the minimum community standard. The results of the review suggested that there was an overestimation of homelessness in a number of categories including boarding houses, resulting in a reduction of individuals classified as living in boarding houses.

This report, funded by the Australian Government under the National Homelessness Research Agenda, investigates whether boarding houses are in fact disappearing as census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) suggests. It fits into an ongoing academic and policy discussion regarding the enumeration of homelessness in Australia.  The researcher contends that significantly larger numbers of people are experiencing tertiary homelessness through living in boarding houses than has been previously identified. 

Below are links to the Full Report and an Evidence Note that provides a summary of the report findings.

Full Report [PDF 3,760 KB]   [DOC 6,172 KB]
Evidence Note [ PDF KB]   [DOCX 119 KB]