Integrated Service Delivery in a Regional Homelessness Service System

Institution: Northern Rivers Development Council
Authors: Evans, T., Neale, K., Buultjens, J. and Davies, J.

This research project was funded by the Australian Government under the 2009-13 National Homelessness Research Agenda.

The purpose of this research was to provide evidence on non-metropolitan homelessness service system capacity and to identify and develop effective service integration strategies suited to a non-metropolitan setting.

Specific questions addressed by the research included:

  1. What homelessness service system integration models work in regional areas?
  2. What are the barriers and service system gaps that need to be addressed to maximise regional homelessness service integration?
  3. What is the potential for increased cross-sector collaboration in a regional setting?
  4. What aspects of the findings can be generalised to other non-metropolitan settings?

Below are links to the Full Report and an Evidence Note that provides a summary of the report findings.

Full Report  [PDF – 956KB]  [DOCX – 4,006KB]

Evidence Note [PDF – 42KB]  [DOCX – 129KB]