Developing an Effective Homelessness Workforce

Institution: The University of Queensland
Authors: Martin, W., Phillips, R. and Xiang, N.

This research project was funded by the Australian Government under the 2009-13 National Homelessness Research Agenda.

The Homelessness White Paper, The Road Home, identified workforce development as a key national priority in policy responses to homelessness. Despite the strong policy interest in the specialist homelessness workforce, little robust data on workforce characteristics and dynamics was available.

This research aimed to develop the first accurate picture of the national homelessness workforce, to identify views of key sector informants about future workforce challenges, and to support an analysis of workforce challenges with this reliable information.

Below are links to the Full Report and an Evidence Note that provides a summary of the report findings.

Full Report [PDF – 585KB] [DOCX – 511KB]

Evidence Note [PDF – 68KB] [DOCX – 132KB]