Centrelink services for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness

Centrelink is an agency within the Australian Government Department of Human Services portfolio, which delivers a range of payments and services to assist people to become self-sufficient and support those in need.  Customers can receive services and information by contacting a call centre, visiting a Customer Service Centre and also via the web.

Centrelink has many procedures and services in place to help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including a network of specialised staff, such as Social Workers, Indigenous Service Officers and Centrelink Community Engagement Officers.

Centrelink Community Engagement Officers: deliver services to people outside the traditional Customer Service Centre setting, in locations like

  • drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres,
  • mental health units,
  • hostels,
  • boarding houses,
  • refuges,
  • drop-in centres,
  • post prison release accommodation, and
  • organised meeting places such as local parks.

Centrelink is sensitive to, and flexible about, the varying needs of people of all ages who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  They can connect you with local community agencies offering help with finding accommodation and overcoming barriers that may be affecting your life. They can also help you access appropriate income support options, establish proof of identity and provide personal support.

Centrelink also administers a number of programs and services offering personal support and assistance to young people who are homeless, or who are at risk of becoming homeless and their families.

For more information about how Centrelink can help you, contact your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre.