Client Issues

In 2009-10, 219,900 people (or 1 in every 100 Australians) used government-funded specialist homelessness services. Of these, 135,700 (62%) were clients and 84,100 (38%) were children accompanying clients.

In 2009-10, young people, particularly young women, children, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, were significant users of specialist homelessness services. Clients were supported for an average of 64 days and, when accommodated, were accommodated for an average of 60 days.

Family groups generally had longer periods of support and accommodation than people who presented on their own.

For information on these and other client issues refer to the Government-funded specialist homelessness services: SAAP National Data Collection annual report 2009-10: Australia.

This section of the Clearinghouse brings together research, knowledge and experiences for supporting, assisting and understanding people and their differing needs. Just as the backgrounds, ages, race, and life experiences of people seeking support and services is varied, so are the approaches undertaken by services supporting homeless people in finding accommodation and building their lives.

The section is organised by client type (CALD, Families and children, etc.). Whether to divide each category into other issues that impact on the homelessness (e.g. mental health, domestic violence, etc.) will be decided in the future, depending on need.