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 Tasmanian Homelessness Plan 2010 – 2013: Coming in from the Cold

The Tasmanian Homelessness Plan, called Coming in from the Cold, outlines significant actions to prevent and reduce homelessness in Tasmania over the three years 2010 to 2013 and is based on the principle that homelessness is everyone’s responsibility, promoting a coordinated government and community approach to homelessness.

The five guiding objectives from the Tasmanian Homelessness Plan are:

  • prevention and early intervention,
  • improved connections to family and community, education and employment,
  • improved access to appropriate housing,
  • effective service responses, and
  • continuous improvement and quality.

Access and download The Tasmanian Homelessness Plan 2010-2013: Coming in from the cold [PDF – 1.27 MB].

A mid-term report [PDF – 2.46MB], released in April 2012, provides an update on progress over eigtheen months on the implementation of the Tasmanian Homelessness Plan 2010-13.

The mid-term report focuses on demonstrating how the implementation of the plan has contributed to preventing and reducing homelessness in Tasmania.

A full evaluation of the outcomes will be undertaken after June 2013, at the conclusion of the Tasmanian Homelessness Plan, Coming in from the cold.

National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness

The National Partnership on Homelessness (NPAH) focuses on reducing overall levels of homelessness and reducing the number of people who are homeless more than once.

The Australian Government made $115 million available nationally for homelessness services in 2014-15 under a new NPAH, effective from 1 July 2014. This agreement contributes a further $5.4 million to continue delivery of the homelessness support services provided under the previous NPAH (above).

Further information about the NPAH and the Tasmanian Government’s Implementation Plan can be found here.

Other Programs and Reports

Read Homelessness Reform Tasmania Issue 1 [PDF – 1.13 MB].

Download Ending Homelessness in Tasmania Report prepared by Homelessness Expert Roseanne Haggerty for the Tasmanian Government, July 2008.

Link Zone

The Link Zone is a central information point for young people that provides information on areas such as: accommodation, Centrelink, drugs and alcohol, education, entertainment, environment, family, getting around, general information, health and wellbeing, legal information, money, relationships, and sport and recreation.

Crisis situations happen in life. Here are links here for services that can help you in times of need:

  • If you are homeless you can call the Homeless Support Helpline on 1800 800 588 from anywhere in the state. There are also pamphlets available for more information.
  • The Shelter Tasmania website also provides information on emergency accommodation.
  • Or if you’d like to talk to someone about your situation, Kids Help Line and Lifeline have free 24 hour telephone counselling services.


More information about the Tasmanian Government’s response to homelessness can be found here