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Homeless to Home: South Australia’s Homelessness Strategy 2009-2013

In 2011, the Homelessness Strategy Division in Housing SA, conducted a major strategic reform of homelessness services across South Australia in order to assist more people to end or prevent homelessness in their lives.

Through this reform there are now 76 high quality consistent Specialist Homelessness Services operating across South Australia. These include services for adults, families, children, young people and women experiencing domestic violence as well as a new homelessness ‘gateway’ service to assist people access housing and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Several fundamental principles were identified to underpin the new system including adopting a housing first approach, the consolidation and regionalisation of services, recognition for children as clients in their own right and the adoption of a ‘no wrong door’ policy.

Key aspects of the reform have included the creation of a preferred provider system for specialist homelessness and domestic violence support providers; developing core service elements to ensure consistent service responses throughout the state; the development of a South Australian NAHA case management framework for agencies which links with the new Homeless to Home (H2H) online case management and data collection system; and the creation of a separate Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence Service Sector to respond to the unique situation experienced by women escaping domestic violence and their children.

This process also provided the opportunity to develop and implement a number of highly innovative housing and support models to respond to people who in the past may have fallen through the cracks. These include initiatives targeted towards mixed community housing, young people and older people experiencing homelessness.

The South Australian Homelessness Strategy 2009-2013, Homeless to Home, was launched on Friday 29 July 2011.  The publication ‘Homeless to Home: South Australia’s Homelessness Strategy 2009 – 2013” can be accessed below:

Homeless to Home – South Australia’s Homelessness Strategy 2009-2013 [PDF – 24MB]

This publication and more detailed information about South Australia’s Homelessness Sector can be found via the South Australian Government website