NSW Initiatives

Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP)

The Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) will fund NGO service providers to deliver integrated support and accommodation models with the aim of effectively reconnecting children and young people with their families or wider support networks, or enabling them to transition to independence.

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NSW Homelessness Action Plan 2009–2014

The NSW Homelessness Action Plan sets the direction for statewide reform of the homelessness service system to achieve better outcomes for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Through the NSW Homelessness Action Plan, NSW agencies will re-align existing effort, increasing the focus of the service system on prevention and long-term accommodation and support rather than crisis intervention.

The NSW Homelessness Action Plan changes the way we understand homelessness and its impact on the community, the way we design and deliver services to homeless people and people at risk of becoming homeless; and change the way we work across government, the non-government sector and with the broader community to improve our responses to homelessness.

The NSW Homelessness Action Plan includes three strategic directions of, preventing homelessness, responding effectively to homelessness, and breaking the cycle, which are aligned with the Australian Government’s priority areas.

Download the NSW Homelessness Action Plan 2009-2014 [PDF – 1.6 MB].

Download the NSW Homelessness Action Plan 2009-2014 Summary [PDF – 138 KB].

Download A Way Home. The NSW Homelessness Action Plan Report Card 1: 2009-2010 [PDF – 299 KB].

Evaluation of the NSW Homelessness Action Plan

The NSW Homelessness Action Plan Evaluation Strategy was designed to assess the progress made in meeting the aims of the Homelessness Action Plan, gather evidence of effective responses and identify lessons learnt that should be considered in the future response to homelessness in NSW.

Extended evaluations commenced in June 2012 and were completed by March 2013. The key findings from the Homelessness Action Plan Evaluation Strategy are now available.

Housing NSW Youth Action Plan 2010 – 2014

Housing NSW has released a Youth Action Plan 2010 – 2014 to guide the Department in responding to the housing needs of young people. The Plan focuses on persons aged 12 to 24 years living in social housing, needing access to social housing, or requiring other types of housing assistance.

View or download the Youth Action Plan [PDF – 922 KB].

Report of the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues into Homelessness and Low Cost Rental Accommodation 2010

View or download the Committee’s Report [PDF – 662 KB].

View or download the NSW Government’s Response [PDF – 461 KB].

Protocol for Homeless People

The Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places (the Protocol) was introduced in 2000 to guide State Government officials about to how to relate to homeless people in public places.

The New South Wales Government introduced the Protocol to help ensure that homeless people are treated appropriately and receive services if they need, or request them.

For further information, view or download the Protocol for Homeless People [PDF – 1 MB].