Youth Integrated Education and Accommodation Program

The Youth Integrated Education and Accommodation Program is an ACT Government initiative implemented under the 2009-13 National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

The program is an exciting initiative aimed at supporting young people who have experienced or been at risk of homelessness. By providing high quality and affordable housing within a supportive environment, the program is able to link young people with education, training and employment opportunities.

Young people engaged in the program also have the opportunity to participate in mentoring and life skills activities, helping to build supportive relationships and prepare for independent living.

The program further provides for a range of community and business partnerships dedicated to helping young people to achieve.  It is anticipated that such partnerships will develop over the coming years and will contribute to the benefits of the program for both young people and partner organisations.

The Youth Integrated Education and Accommodation Program brings together two Commonwealth Initiatives, the Nation Building and Jobs Plan as well as the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, and will provide an innovative approach , unique to the ACT, to addressing youth homelessness recognising that young people require more than a roof over their heads.

The program has already experienced positive outcomes for young people involved, with all participants (as of 30 August 2011) engaged in full time employment, education or training .

The program is operated by Barnardos and Anglicare. Contact can be made by phone on 6257 5029.

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