City of Melbourne – Homelessness Research Project Completed

The City of Melbourne have released the final stage of their Homelessness Research Project with the release of the report from the third and final stage. The key aim of the project was to develop and trial a method and process for a street count of people sleeping rough in the City of Melbourne.

The third and final stage of the Homelessness Research Project was Street Count 2008, and involved the first ever street count of people experiencing homelessness in the municipality.

The conclusion of the executive summary in the Street Count Report is that,

Street Count 2008 data on the length of time rough sleepers spend moving around and the number of places they have stayed in the last month illustrates a very high degree of transience and chronic homelessness which requires specifically tailored interventions to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness for this high-needs group.

The purpose of the street count was to,

establish a benchmark of the number of people sleeping rough in the City area. The method used for the 2008 street count can be used to conduct annual or twice yearly street counts to continue to measure the effectiveness of programs to address chronic homelessness such as supportive housing and related strategies.

The executive summaries from each of the three stages are now available to download. People wanting to access the entire report are advised to contact the City of Melbourne, Housing and Homelessness section direct.

Download the stage three executive summary, detailing the street count.

Download the stage two executive summary

Download the stage one executive summary

Download the City of Melbourne Homelessness Framework