Homeless Hotspots in Brisbane. A Brisbane City Council Strategic Response

The Brisbane City Council (BCC) Access and Equity Team developed a Homeless Strategy in January 2008  to relocate rough sleepers in a Brisbane riverside park to safer accommodation.

Working in partnership with the community sector, and the former Queensland Department of Housing and the Department of Communities, this strategy was aimed at reducing the public health and safety issues including the health and safety issues of the homeless people.

These residing in the park are complex clients with a mix of issues including chronic alcohol and drug use, domestic violence issues, mental illness, long term homelessness as well as physical health issues. They are very vulnerable and the immediate, quick response required both support services and crisis accommodation, so that safer options were made available while longer term housing and support could be sourced.

The BCC Public Space Liaison Team responded to the various issues raised by engaging with the homeless at the park every day.  In addition, State government and non-government agencies have also been visiting the site to provide services.

Three resumed Council houses were made available under the Community Housing Partnership Program (CHPP) to house 9 homeless people.

The Qld Department of Communities funded Micah Projects to assist with wrap around support services until 30 June 2008 and has offered a further 3 months funding, while they look at a longer-term strategy.

This coordinated approach has been highly effective. So far all people housed in the CHPP houses have sustained their tenancies with the ongoing support of Micah Projects, Community Housing Organisations and the BCC Public Space Liaison Team.

For more information contact Brisbane City Council .