Blueprint to End Homelessness (USA)

The Blueprint to End Homelessness is a ten-year strategy to both prevent and end homelessness in Indianapolis (USA).

On a single night in January 2011, nearly 1,500 men, women and children were counted experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis.

The lead entity for mobilizing the community to work together to end homelessness is the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention of Greater Indianapolis (CHIP).

CHIP serves as a focal point and a resource for service providers and the lead entity for implementing the Blueprint to End Homelessness.

CHIP is a non-profit agency created in 1996 to advocate for people experiencing and at risk for homelessness in Indianapolis and to help organisations work together to foster an effective, coordinated, community-wide approach toward ending and preventing homelessness.

This plan has received broad community support and has been lauded as a model by national experts on ending homelessness.  Building on the core approach of ‘Housing First, Housing Plus’ the Blueprint focuses on the following goals:

■Strengthening efforts to prevent people from becoming homeless;
■Improving access to, and coordination of, housing and services;
■Enhancing services in specific areas of need; and
■Coordinating service systems for special populations including families, veterans, youth and survivors of domestic violence.

The successful implementation of the initiatives outlined in the Blueprint to End Homelessness will result in the following outcomes:

■Increased numbers of people in housing crises who are prevented from becoming homeless;
■Decreased levels of chronic homelessness and/or the number of persons living on the streets;
■Decreased overall amount of time people spend on the streets and in shelters;
■Decreased rates of recidivism; and
■Increased enrolment in mainstream benefits among those who are eligible.

For more information about the Blueprint to End Homelessness visit the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) website.