Rooftop Foundation Inc.

The Rooftop Foundation Inc. is working with community groups such as Richmond Fellowship, Havelock Housing Association, Neighbourhood Watch, the Belconnen Soccer Club and Canberra businesses who share the same vision, to assist in reducing homelessness in the ACT and surrounding regions.

In association with these organisations, the Rooftop Foundation aims to raise funds to build more affordable homes to allow low to moderate income earners the opportunity to be housed, and to purchase their own home.

The objectives of Rooftop Foundation Inc. are:

(a) To raise funds to provide safe affordable housing;

(b) To provide low cost affordable housing and accommodation for persons  qualifying for assistance, due to their low socio-economic circumstances;

(c) To inform and educate the community about the need for more affordable housing stock; and

(d) To encourage the participation of Governments and Government agencies, business, private organisations, other associations and other individuals in the community in the provision of affordable housing.