Agency Management

In recent years, agencies providing services to homeless people have come under increasing demands to meet performance measures in the policies and practices through which the agencies and their staff are managed.  Service agreements, the development of standards and accreditation systems and an emphasis on quality assurance are all part of this trend.

This section of the Clearinghouse provides good practice tools for agencies looking to improve agency management.

Key Resources 

Management Support Unit (MSU), NSW Council of Social Services

This provides a broad range of services to enhance the organisational capacity of the non government sector in areas such as workforce development, good governance and efficient ‘back office’ operations.

Management Support Online MSO Online

Management Support Online is an integrated set of services and resources designed to assist community sector not-for-profit organisations to manage and operate confidently in challenging environments to achieve and maintain excellence, and take initiative and explore innovation.


Agency management can also involve the following:

  • Governance Issues
  • Organisational Issues
  • Staffing Issues
  • Funding
  • Legal Compliance
  • Volunteer Management
  • Client Management

From here we would like to provide more information relating to homelessness and homelessness services agency management.

This can include useful documents, case studies, reports, services, programs and more.

Links to documents or online resources will be provided where identified.

You can make a difference to homelessness in Australia by adding to the discussion and knowledge base.

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