Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse

Welcome to the Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse, a website for sharing information and good practice solutions for the homelessness sector in Australia.

How to use the Clearinghouse

The Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse is a tool for the homelessness sector to better communicate information about homelessness issues in Australia. It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) to be a resource for the homelessness sector, and will evolve with time, need and input.

This website provides information in the following ways:

Finding information

  • Use the top menu to navigate through the main content areas of the site. Sub navigation options in these areas will cascade down from the top menu.
  • Use the Search tool if you are having trouble finding an item on the site, or if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

Your site – your solutions!

The key aim of the Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse is to provide opportunities to share your knowledge, ideas and best practice solutions with the entire homelessness sector to tackle homelessness in Australia.

Eliminating homelessness in Australia requires new methods of collaboration, sharing knowledge and generating holistic outcomes.

You can participate in the site by using the information and making suggestions for adding content to the site:

  • add research papers, data or articles about a particular topic
  • make comments about a research paper, data or article
  • suggest documents to be uploaded (e.g. a policy or a good practice case study) to share with others
  • provide information about organisations, services and programs that deliver support services targetting homeless people
  • list conferences, seminars or events

If there are other features you would like us to add to the Clearinghouse, please contact us.

This website has been designed to evolve and grow through input and ideas. If you have any suggestions for new content or how we can improve the site, we welcome your feedback. If you think it is a great idea, chances are there are others who will agree!


Sharing your organisation’s events with the sector has never been easier with the Clearinghouse. If you wish to add an event please contact us.